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EFFECTIVE PLANNING – You get Great result and maximum impact..

With just one call to us everything in your life can be in your complete control. Have a problem? The solution to any and every problem is just a phone call away. We guarantee secrecy and results. With steadfast belief and a little help from us there is no problem that you cannot solve. For anyone who has encountered fakes and cheats who claim to be aamil’s, astrologers, bangalis and baba’s that can help you out rest assured knowing that we are the real deal. We offer horoscopes and free consultancy services that can help you learn more about your future so that you can plan better for it.

get back your love


Building up trust takes a lot of time, but breaking it can be only a moment’s job. Once you have lost the trust of someone you love getting it back can be a difficult task that you may not even know how to approach.


separation & divorce problem


Marriages are written down in heaven, this is surely something that you have heard at least once in your lifetime. The beginning of the journey is filled with all kinds of blessings and happiness from everywhere  . .


marriage related problems

Marriage Problem

Marriages are an intricate bond that evolves and grows and while everyone many want their relationship to be perfect, more often than not problems can arise between spouses that are difficult to solve.




Astrology has been employed in many areas over the course of time. It can help you reach at the root of your problems and tackle them head on instead of putting on a band aid that may not last in the long run . .



We all know our zodiac signs well enough, but our knowledge of astrology and how it affects us often limited to just that. Planetary positions and that of the sun and moon can have a great impact on us . .



To make your love life more successful you ought to have a healthy sex life as well. Often though, due to one problem or another there may be obstacles placed in your path to having a well functioning. .



In this day and age education is one of the most important assets that any person can have. Not only is it important, but also a necessity to secure the course of their future. A good education has the ability . .



Astrology has been used in the business sector for a long time. The predictions offered by experienced astrologers can aid in making successful business decisions that will strengthen the position and future of . .



The job market today is more competitive than it has ever been before. Getting a decent job that can help you take care of your family is a difficult task due to this growing competition. Even with all the needed . .



In today’s world most people have to set out on a foreign journey at some point of another in their lives. You may be visiting a relative or a friend, taking a pilgrimage or simply going on a holiday that involves . .